August 20, 2017

2018 CrossFit Games WOD Ideas

So the 2017 CrossFit Games are over and CrossFitters all over the world are going into a post games depression while they wait until next years Open to start. Someone really should make an Anti-Depressant Whey Protein Shake to get us all through it. Get on it Progenex...

I thought the Games this year were a lot of fun to watch but a couple of the events confused me. As I think back over it, I’m still not sure about that “Cyclocross" event or the “Double Banger”. I’m never a fan of an event that requires equipment (like a bike) that can fail and cost someone points. With that being said the real hero of the games was the company that provided all those XXL helmets. Bravo to you gentleman. Bravo...

In regards to the “Double Banger” this was a repeat event which I know is important to retest however lets make it more interesting. Make it co-ed, call it the “Devil’s Threeway” and see how many athletes have to withdraw due to religious and spousal concerns. Unknown and unknowable indeed...

For the second year in a row, Mat Fraser proved the man to beat. I wouldn’t put myself in the “fan” category of Mat but he seems like the anti-Rich Froning which makes everything more interesting. I’m sure CBS was a little nervous every time he got interviewed. I truly expected that any time he won an event, the post WOD interview would sound like this:

“Well Rory. I’d just like to thank Satan for helping me thru that last set of Overhead Squats. I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it but I just said a quick “Hail Beelzebub” in thanks for this awesome chest hair and he helped me power through...”

Now I know I shouldn’t imply that Mat Fraser is a Satanist and I’m sorry if I offended any Satanists. I can’t help myself really but between that beard and grin he looks a little devilish. Satanism aside, the real question in all of this is what will it take to knock Mat off the top of the podium? I have a few ideas of some WODs they could add that could even the playing field for the rest of the athletes.

1. Body hair waxing for time: This would immediately put Mat at a disadvantage. This dude has more hair than an 80’s rock band...

2. Midget Toss: This would not be Mat’s event. You don’t get points for being the one getting thrown...

3. Boner Deadlifts: I know Matt Chan didn’t make the Games this year but this would’ve been his event. Maybe we can sub “Handstand Boner Walks”… 

Special thanks to @badcrossfitter for this pic. I sorted thru a LOT of bad sh*t on Google for this joke…

4. Complete a WOD with a shirt on: I added this for parity. This pretty much eliminates all athletes except Lucas Parker and Mat Frasier. They would tie and split the points since their body hair counts as a sweater...

5. Bathing for time: I’m not saying Mat’s dirty. Ok...that’s exactly what I’m saying but it wouldn’t matter cause I’d be tuned into the women’s events. Every. Single. Heat. 

I don’t know if those WODs would help but it would be a good start. I also realize I don’t have a Level One in CrossFit but I have a Level 10,000 in imagination and these WODs would spice things up. I mean it’s no Softball Toss but we can’t all be Castro can we….

August 12, 2017

The moment I fell back in love with CrossFit

I’m falling in love with CrossFit again and this time I think it will stick. You see I am starting to remember why I’ve loved CrossFit so much and it’s becoming my Boo. I just felt a few of you throw up in your mouth a little so let me explain...

A few days ago the WOD fell into my wheelhouse (Yes, I have a wheelhouse. Quit laughing!) and I had my first performance since I have been at CrossFit Mentality that I felt I did what I am capable of. The WOD was:

9 Box Jumps 24”
12 Dumbbell Snatches 50#
15 Abmat situps
Time - 8:22

I can do usually all those movements with decent mobility and speed so I pushed the pace really hard and never stopped moving until I called time. 50# dumbbell snatches are a little heavy but manageable for me so when I finished I was breathing pretty heavy and left the room for a couple of minutes to get some water and catch my breath. When I came back what I saw inspired me and lifted my spirit. 

The workout had a time cap of 12 minutes and when I returned everyone had finished except one member. He is an older dude and was scaling the workout with fewer reps and subbing a movement for box jumps. You could tell this guy was tired and not having a good time. He had that look on his face that I often get when I am in over my head or exhausted that says “I’d rather be anywhere but here!” 

As I looked around the room I quickly noticed no one was cleaning up their equipment. Instead everyone was focused on him and cheering him to a finish.

Now keep in mind this is the 5:30 am class that most people attend because they have places to be (like work). I am sure all of the members present needed to get about their day yet they all found it more important to offer support to a friend than to benefit themselves. It was in that moment I remembered why CrossFit can be so special. It creates a community where everyone wants to help and encourage others while challenging them to be better than they were yesterday. One of the reasons I came to Mentality was to learn to be a better athlete. What I am quickly learning is that in order to be a better athlete I also I need to be a better friend. I need to be more supportive of others when they are having a hard time or struggling.

That’s what I want. I want to be a better athlete, father, friend, and man than I have been and this was one more lesson that I needed to learn...

August 9, 2017

A CrossFitter Needs Goals

At CF Mentality they have this really cool “Goal” board on the wall. I say “they” because I haven’t added any goals to it yet. I started training at CrossFit Mentality with an idea in mind of what my goals would be but as I was looking at this board I realized I needed to think bigger. As I took a minute and read the goals I was reminded how personal CrossFit can be and realized my goals aren’t personal enough. Clearly they are personal because they are mine but I don’t think they make much of a “difference”. I came into this training cycle with all of my goals being fitness related but I now realize this change in my life is much more personal and bigger that that. You can see in the members goals how personal some of them are.
  • “Win the 2017 CF Games!” ~ Scott
  • “Top 5 in Regionals” ~ Saxon
  • “Tone, strengthen and lose weight”~ Ang
  • “Learn to run”~ Andrea
  • “Do 2 pull-ups by summer” ~ Courtney
  • “I want more stamina” ~ Jake
  • “Get everyone to quit calling me Saxon” ~ Spencer
  • “Make varsity soccer ~ David
  • “Become a US Army Ranger” ~ Mitch

I was reading this and thought how brave it was for someone to write on a board that they need to lose weight or learn to run. Keep in mind this is in an environment where you are surrounded by shirtless people running crazy fast and flashing abs everywhere. How brave do you have to be to tell one of the sports fittest athletes that you want to be able to do two pull-ups knowing full well he could do as many as he wanted with you draped over his shoulders? How about telling the world that you want to serve and defend your country by joining one of the most elite fighting forces in history?

The intriguing part of the goal board is that a significant portion of them will likely never reach their goal or at least in the time frame they noted yet they still put it out there. That is bravery at it’s finest. To be able to let the world know what you want but with the understanding that you may fail in some measure. Thats’s what I want to be able to do. I want my goals to be brave. Free of fear but challenging enough that they can create real and lasting change. My hope is that if I can make my goals brave enough then someone else will do the same and then someone else and so on... Maybe we can continue to build a community that continues to push itself hard but supports and lifts each other up like Mentality does.

My goals:

  • Improve my form and strength in the major lifts (Clean, Snatch, Back Squat, Deadlift)
  • Quit being a little b*tch about rope climbs
  • Finish top 5 in CrossFit Open Masters scaled division
  • Win/Defend title @ Masters Main Event at Coca CrossFit (45-49 year old division)
  • Participate in a competition against people younger (and probably fitter) than me
  • Be happy with myself 
  • Write 2 new songs, perform live occasionally and finally record my album
  • Say “I love you” more often and allow myself to be loved
  • Try new things and meet new people
  • Look forward to my future and be grateful for my past