February 28, 2012

Butt hickeys aren't as fun as they sound....

WOD: 3 rounds for time

7 Power Clean [135]
14 Pull-up
21 GHD Situps (Abmat x2)
100 ft Bear Crawl

Time: 14:19

So when you do abmat sit ups 2 days in a row, you get what can only be described as a butt hickey. Basically that is matching red, raw spots on either sides of your butt crack from rubbing against the mat/floor. It looks like the worst Rorschach image ever. It's really the shower afterward that is the most fun. It kinda feels like someone in pinching you as hard as they can. I can only describe my current state as what it must feel like after the first day in prison.

The WOD itself was ok. 135# is kind of heavy for me on the cleans but as long as I took my time and set up, I was ok. They still slowed me down a bit. The rest of the WOD was all bodyweight moves which is my strength and I CRUSHED "The Glove" by at least a full half second in total when it was all said and done. Now he has to dwell on that until tomorrows workout....


  1. I just started a 6 week cross fit challenge and was introduced to butt hickeys my first day. Embarassing and VERY painful, I googled these f@ckers and found your post. My trainer says they're unavoidable, and in a class of 18 women... NO ONE ELSE GETS THEM!! ��

  2. Thanks Kelly. I always wonder what keywords get people to my blog. Apparently it’s “butt hickey”... Welcome to CrossFit :)

  3. I too googled butt hickey after my second night of the 6 week crossfit challenge, and I found your post. All I can say is WTF! This is the worst thing ever!!! And that shower pain is no joke! The struggle is real

    1. Here is the secret to no butt hickeys. Get a big square bandaid and put it on one side of the area where you get them. Swear to god it stops the rubbing. Otherwise enjoy the worst shower of your life :)