February 29, 2012

"The Glove" will get redemption.......just not today

Strength Training
Back Squats 3x5 [185#]

WOD: for time
15 Wall balls
15 Hand release push ups

Time: 6:40

I love the competition of the daily workouts. Today Matt (aka The Glove) & I did the strength training together and then the WOD basically side by side. We have been competing all week. In full disclosure, he kicked my ass on Monday. I won by a nose yesterday and then today we were real close with the Glove leaving disappointed once again. While I love giving smack talk (and the occasional "Tebow") truth is win or lose it's always fun and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. As an example, I am really good at pull ups, hand stand pushups and wearing knee socks. Matt is really good at running, box jumps, and wearing really tight t-shirts. I pretty sure he wears a child's size medium but I'll save that for another blog. If I weren't competing against Matt it would probably be "The Boot aka Forrest", "Charlito", "Big Ricky Pooh", or "Rynonće"(You can't come to the AM class without getting a nickname). Either way, the friendships and camaraderie the group gets to share daily is worth the pain.

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