February 19, 2012

Rest Day.......whatever

So everyone seems to have a different idea of what "Rest Day" looks like. For some of us rest day mean we do literally nothing all day. For others a rest day is considered to be the long poop they take between workouts. I fall into the first group but today I felt pretty good and wanted to get in a light WOD. I have been working on my double unders everyday and I can honestly say they are only slightly less shitty than when I started back in May of last year. In the spirit of that, today I did the following:

50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10 Double Unders with 10 Burpees in between sets of DU's. 
Time: 7:58

That is probably twice as long as it should take considering my double unders are so bad but I needed the practice so it had to be done. I need to go wash the stink off now and I'm not sure if it's from sweat or shitty ability....

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