February 26, 2012

Surviving the apocalypse....ep 1

So a friend of mine told me I should write a "survival guide" for Crossfit. This will be the first installment since there are way too many things that you would need to know to fit into just one post.

Today's Topic: Band Aids

You will usually leave the box bleeding in some form or another. In the beginning it was my hands. I was constantly ripping blisters at the base of my fingers. Then it was my palms. Then it was both. Pull ups are a b*tch. I like those bandages that are waxy and bubble up. The adhere to your hands better and won't let in dirt.

Yeah I know what you are thinking. "Why didn't that dumb ass buy some gloves?" If you do enough pull-ups,  gloves won't keep your hands from bleeding so there was no point. Plus we have a guy at the box that wears gloves. We nicknamed him "The Glove" and there was no way I was going to be "Glove Jr".  Being "The Glove" is like being The Highlander, "There can be only one".

If you are a really tough SOB you will use liquid bandage. Let's be clear. I am not a really tough SOB. Here is a tip that will help if you get a blister. Cut it off. Then wash it and cry for a minute. Don't worry about getting it dirty at this point. The salt in your tears is sterile. Bandage it for 24 hours. Then take off the bandage and wash it. Cry some more. Then cake it with Neosporin before you go to bed. The next day wash it and let it dry. You probably won't cry at this point. Get some vitamin E oil and put it on the wound for a few days to keep it from cracking. It will heal eventually.........I promise.

Box Jump Gone Bad
You will also need multiple sizes of bandages because it won't just be your hands. Your legs will take a beating as well. (Doesn't this sound fun?) I am constantly raking the bar up the front of my legs when lifting and that bleeds pretty good. My left leg constantly looks like a 13 year old girl learning to shave. Also if you do burpees often enough your knees will be scraped up pretty good. Between the knee socks I wear to protect my shins and the band aids on my knee caps I alternate a look somewhere between Girl Scout & alter boy.

Other precautions you can take are knee socks and hand wraps. The knee socks are pretty self explanatory. I buy the Nike Brand that are formed for specific feet. They also compress which keeps my calves from cramping. Here is a link to my previous blog showing how to make hand wraps.

Now go do some pull-ups....

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