February 22, 2012


For time:

100 Kettlebell Swings**
20 double unders every time you put the KB down

Time - 7:56

Strength training
Touch & Go Deadlifts 5x2 [325] *New PR*

Working out with a cold is not a big deal but dealing with a cold after a workout sucks! I've been coughing for an hour now. In any event, I was very happy with my deadlifts. I set a new personal record for myself 10# over my 1 rep max.

The Kettlebells were another story. I ended up started with 40 unbroken and that was a mistake. It made my arms jellylike. I should've do 4 sets of 25. I ended up going probably a minute longer than I needed to. Oh well. I got some good double under practice I guess. Those last few sucked so bad I was just hoping to not drop it on my head, poop myself, or both. Kettlebells have never been my thing but I really thought I would do better at this one. One more thing to work on.....

On the bright side, my new shoes will be arriving any day now so I am sure that will make all the difference in these WODs. <sarcasm>

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