March 10, 2012

Crossfitters have no Braaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnssssssss.....

So I am kind of a Sci-fi geek. Ok, I'm a HUGE Sci-fi geek. Happy now? My new favorite guilty geek pleasure is "The Walking Dead" on AMC. The more I watch it, the more I think Zombies and Crossfitters have a lot in common. Don't believe me? Think on this....

1. A zombie is an animated corpse that slowly walks around moaning. Crossfitters end a WOD slowly walking around while moaning or writhing around on the floor while moaning.

2. Zombies eat flesh and/or brains.  Both of those things are Paleo.

3. Zombies are mindless drones with no fear of pain or injury. Crossfitters mindlessly do WODs regardless of chance of pain or injury.

4. A zombie is usually seen in various stages of undress. Crossfitters have been known to shed clothes faster than you can say "321 -Go!"

5. The zombies in Thriller can dance like a mutha f*cker. Check out these Crossfitters....

You know I'm right. Wooooooddddzzzzzz!

1 comment:

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