March 10, 2012

Crossfit....We have a problem

Hi. My name is The Wodfather and I have a shopping addiction.....

It all started innocently enough. One pair of very blue Inov-8 230's. I needed a pair of versatile shoes that would get me from box jumps to olympic lifting. The reviews said they would do the trick and have a little flash. Little did I know it was a gateway drug. Next thing I know I'm hanging out in Lululemon offering sexual favors for hoodies.........Ok. That's not true but I'd totally do those chicks for a hoodie. For some odd reason they keep charging me $100 and now my shoes aren't the only things that are blue....

I have lots of favorite new Crossfit apparel companies that I buy from and thought I would share them.

  • Rogue Fitness - I love this company. They sell awesome t-shirts, shoes, and misc equipment. They are also super easy to deal with and ship quick. They have T's modeled after Crossfit athletes including my beloved girlfriend, Annie Thorisdottir.
  • Lululemon - What can I say about Lulu? First of all, usually the salesgirls are super hot. That alone makes it worth going but once you get past staring at the hotties in yoga pants, you can find some great stuff. They have great hoodies and running shirts. Also the gear is really lightweight and doesn't stink when you sweat. Huge bonus there. Also did I mention the hotties in yoga pants?
  • Inov-8 - Fantastic shoes. Super light and more colors than the rainbow. They also really hold up. My original pair are 10 months old now and still look great.
  • Crossfit Reebok - Now Reebok usually doesn't do it for me but they have done a pretty good job with the sponsorship of Crossfit. The new Nano shoes are pretty cool and very stable. I like my pair a lot and the really elite Crossfitters (which I am not) swear by them. 

Those are the big four in my world. There are some other notables out there that I haven't gotten to yet like Again FasterLife as Rx, and Rokfit. I hear good things about those three but until I whip out the plastic, you'll have to be your own judge. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to scour the net for the perfect pair of knee socks. Gotta impress the hotties in yoga pants.....

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