March 15, 2012

Fupa or not to Fupa? That is the question....

So I was at Lululemon tonight and was reminded of a new word that Regina taught me the other day.


Now Let me put this in context. We are all sitting around having dinner and talking about the Lululemon shop we had just visited in Columbus. Regina makes a comment that she doesn't wear Lulu pants because they don't look good on her. Now you would think that after the last year of training with Regina, I would just shut my pie hole and let it go at that but I am just too curious for that so of course I ask "Why?". Her response...."Because I don't have a FUPA." Again, I should have just nodded and zipped my yapper but no, I asked "What the hell is a FUPA?" Regina responds very plainly (and a little loudly) "Fat Upper P*ssy Area". Apparently, if you are short, petite, and do not have a FUPA, Lululemon does not look good on you. Now whenever I see someone wearing Lulu yoga pants, I immediately do a FUPA inspection. Regina effectively ruined me.

Now that I have ruined Lululemon and yoga pants in general for all of you I figured the least I could do was to give you a few examples of how to use this new, valuable word in the proper context.

  • "Damn. Did you see the front butt on that girl? That FUPA was huge!"
  • "Look at that fanny pack! That's some serious FUPA."
  • "Run! It's a Fupasaurus Rex..."
  • "That girl was a serious Fupapottamus"
  • "Are you pregnant or is that just a FUPA?"

By the way....Guys have them too but it's a Fat Upper Penile Area

  • "I bet that dude has a tiny dick. Nothing could grow in the shade of that FUPA"
  • "I gotta get in shape. My Fupa is getting outta control."
  • "That dude's FUPA was so big, it looked like he was smuggling a Saint Bernard in his pants"

You. Are. Welcome.

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