March 25, 2012

I wonder what Mickey's Fran time is?

It's vacation/rest week for The Wodfather. I like to take a full week off about every 3 months to let my body recover from the beating I put it through on a weekly basis. This time during rest week,  I am going to DisneyWorld/Universal for 6 days. Usually during my rest periods,  I will still get in 2-3 "light" workouts but that is about it.  I am bringing my running shoes and will try to get in a few short runs while I am there but I am sure the bulk of my workouts will be chasing after my kids as we run all over the parks. There are a few Crossfit questions I have in relation to Disney that I am going to try to answer while I am visiting.

1. Can Tigger do Double-unders?
2. Does Arial have to take Fish Oil?
3. Is Piglet Paleo?
4. I want to see Cinderella's snatch. (What? I hear she's an excellent Olympic lifter.)
5. If Simba runs too slow can I get him to Mufasa?

See ya in a week my peeps....

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