March 11, 2012

Let there be rest....

Today is a rest/cheat day for me and I started the day today with a quick WOD of 2 cinnamon rolls and bacon for time. I crushed it....

I take my rest days seriously. I am at the age where my body doesn't recover as quick as I would like so to avoid injury and undue pain, I make sure on rest days that I actually rest. Now I know for some of you, rest day means a light run or even a workout but for me it will probably only include an afternoon trip to Mitchell's Ice Cream and a few episodes of Glee (don't judge me).

Typically, my week breaks down like this:

Monday AM: Hero/Benchmark WOD
TuesdayAM: WOD  with post WOD Skills Practice  or Tuesday PM: Skills Practice
WednesdayAM: WOD
Thursday: Rest Day
FridayAM: Olympic Lifting/Strength training
SaturdayAM: WOD  with Post WOD Skills Practice

I will occasionally toss in a Yoga session but I usually don't do more than this. I also do ZERO running outside of the WODs. I hate it to begin with, it's hard on my old knees, and I find that my cardio is just fine without it. My "Skills Practice" sessions are kind of like "mini-wods" where I will do short rounds of things like Double Unders mixed with Ring Dips or Handstands with Box Jumps. Nothing too intense but enough to get my heart moving and help me get faster. I vary them up based on what the weekly programming is so I don't double up on Regina's schedule. She does a great job programming so I only "supplement" the skills and try not to overwork what she has scheduled for us.

If you aren't getting the results you want or find yourself in a lot of pain, I suggest looking at your workout schedule and make sure you are not overworking yourself. After that check your diet but that's a whole other blog. Now if you will excuse me, I have an ice cream sundae to attend to....

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