March 24, 2012

Things I learned during the Crossfit Open....

So the Crossfit Open is FINALLY over and I can take a well needed rest. That was a tough 5 weeks. Our regularly scheduled programing didn't get any easier and the Open WODs were tough to say the least. My 41 year old body really struggles to keep up with the pace sometimes. I did, however, learn quite a bit about myself during the Open.

12.1 - My cardio is way better than I thought it was. 108 burpees proved that to me. I wouldn't have believed I could do that for anything. It was a huge motivation for me to start the Open that way. It also taught me to make a plan and stick to it. I made a plan at the beginning to take short breaks at 25, 50, 70, & 90 and it payed off. I did better than a bunch of people I normally wouldn't because they came out too fast. Sometimes it pays to work smarter and more efficient.

12.2 - I'm stronger than I thought. Prior to this WOD my 1RM for snatches was 125 lbs but I hit 135 three times in this workout. I honestly thought there was no chance in hell of getting that number and when I did, it felt like I had just done the impossible. I wish I had smack talked a little more prior to this one.

12.3 - My overhead lifting sucks. This one had Push Presses in it and they nearly killed me. I still had a pretty good WOD but if my overhead was better I could have really posted a nice number. All told though my number was pretty good due to the fact I can make up a lot of time on Toes to Bar. I'm glad I got those down prior to the Open.

12.4 - I need to vary my skills practice. I do double-unders ALOT but I never do them with Wall Balls. Trying to do dubs after doing 150 wall balls felt like jumping in quicksand. I was really disappointed by this WOD but the wall balls were so difficult there was no re-do for me. My legs hurt for three days after this one.

12.5 - The only thing new I learned from this was how happy I would be to be finished. The Thrusters reinforced how crappy I am going overhead and a sore hand didn't help matters any. That combo of Pull-ups and Thrusters always wipes me out. I had that same "I may crap my pants" feeling that I get when I do Fran. I still hate that b*tch.

So what am I going to do now that the Open is over? I'm going to Disneyworld! I get to take a full weeks vacation from work and Crossfit at the Magic Kingdom. The only exercise I plan to get is the miles of walking within the parks and chasing my two daughters around. That may be harder than Crossfit. Either way, my body needs a break...

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