March 20, 2012

Why Charlie Brown should do Crossfit....

Tonight was one of the most brutal WODs that I have been a part of in quite awhile. Here is what we did:

6 Rounds for time

12 Clean to Thruster [115#]
12 Burpee Box Jumps

Time 37:20

Now I know on paper that this doesn't look so bad but when you break it down, it is basically 72 full squat cleans, 72 Thrusters, & 72 Burpee Box Jumps. That's a huge work load and it felt like it took an eternity. To make matters even more fun, we had our first hot day in our non-air conditioned box. I was sweating from places that I didn't know could sweat. Either that or I peed myself. I honestly don't care either way at this point. I just wanted to survive. Somehow I made it all the way thru without passing out or puking so I am going to consider the entire thing a victory.

At some point during the WOD, Regina came over and inspected my Thrusters as well as the yet un-nicknamed Megan next to me and said "One of you is continuing to do the Thrusters without full lock out at the fucking top" and like the true gentleman I am, I quickly replied "It's Megan. Cut that shit out." In my defense, her lockout improved.......

Meg. If you read this I know I was the culprit. I was just stalling to get more time until my next lift. Besides, at that point of the WOD it's a damn miracle that I could even understand a word Regina was saying to me. At some point it all just sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher "Wah fuck wah. Wah fuck wah. Wah fuck wah."I know that Charlie Brown's teacher didn't cuss but she would have if she had been Regina.

Also Charlie Brown would be ripped.....

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