March 7, 2012

I may have to switch to the stranger...

WOD for Time:

25 Hand Stand Push Ups
50 Toes to Bar
75 Push Press [75#]
1000m Row

Time: 17:20

Skill Practice - Ring Dips 10 x 3 sets rest 2 mins between

This was a "fun" WOD. I knew I had an advantage going in because 2 of the first 3 moves were body weight. I got off the wall and bar pretty fast although the toes to bar were not as efficient as I would've liked. I went in for extra practice last night and worked on those so it didn't really help me today. The push press wasn't very heavy but there are a lot of big guys in the class and BRP(Big Ricky Pooh) CRUSHED me on those. He flew thru them like a plate of bacon and ended up beating me by a full minute. I still finished 2nd and felt pretty good about the WOD as a whole but my elbow hurts a little. In the last 3 days I have done 84 Thrusters, 84 Burpees, 75 Push Press, 25 Hand Stand Push ups, and quite a few ring dips. I think my elbow needs a break so now I get a rest day where I get to obsess about workout 12.3 for awhile...

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