April 2, 2012

Back in the box....

Proper Deadlift Face

The first day back in the box wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Our strength training today was 5 x 1 deadlifts and try to establish a 1RM. I was sharing a bar with "The Glove" today and I think his superpowers left residual effects because I set a new PR for myself by 15 lbs. I was very pleased with that number and didn't even bother to try anything heavier. "The Glove" however one upped me by another 15 lbs but I'm pretty sure he had to sh*t his pants to do it. He probably didn't actually sh*t himself but the face he made had all the signs of trying to hold in a turtle head. He got the weight so he's a beast regardless and my hat is off to him.

The actual WOD was "Brenton".
5 rounds for time

100 ft bear crawl
100 ft standing broad jump**

**3 burpees after every 5th broad jump.
Time - 11:09

My WOD time didn't light the world on fire but I was ok with it. I was taking decent short breaks between rounds and trying to keep my airflow moving. I ate like crap all week last week so I knew this cardio would be tough on my lungs. I was right. My lungs were burning like "The Glove's" shorts during the deadlifts. Either way, I survived. (both the WOD and the Sharts...)

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