April 16, 2012


Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds, 1 Minute rest between rounds
Max Rep:
Wall Ball Shots - 1 minute
Sumo Deadlift High Pull [75#] - 1 minute
Box Jumps [20"] - 1 minute
Push Press [75#] - 1 minute
Calorie Row - 1 minute

Total Reps - 248

Let's get right to the heart of it. I hate this workout. It's basically 15 minutes of Hell. It's the perfect combo of cardio and weight but the weight isn't so much that it hurts. It's just enough that when you get to the box jumps it feels like you are jumping in sand. It sneaks up on you fast. By the second round you are gasping for air. By round 3 you are praying it will end soon. It sounds a little like my love life. In any event, I improved my reps by 27 since the last time I did this so I shouldn't b*tch but I'm hoping to not see this one on the whiteboard again for some time.

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