April 23, 2012

No one here gets out alive...

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of

Wall ball shots
Box jumps [24"]
Kettlebell swings [55]

Time: 40:14

Holy Mother of God I swear I have had careers that did not last as long as that WOD. It is an endurance fest like no other. It didn't help any that my lower back started tightening up during the first round of 50 kettlebells. It was miserable. I had two choices, either DNF or bust out the foam roller and wait for Regina's wrath. I chose the later. Surprisingly, she laughed more than she yelled although she threatened to start her own blog if I didn't come clean on here about it. I think it helped a little in getting me thru the WOD but it slowed me down significantly. It made me think however of all the things in life that haven't lasted as long as this WOD did for me.

Things shorter than this WOD

1. Kim Kardashian's last marriage
2. The Dinosaurs
3. My hairline
4. Sarah Palin's political career
5. Marty wearing "The boot"

The pain made it seem like an eternity. I'm getting tired of this back/hip issue. I need to go see the doctor or just get myself a mail order bride to rub it for me each morning before the WOD. I've always wanted to hear the words "Me rub you wrong time". I know that won't happen but at the rate I am humping that roller, I am going to have to tell my daughters that their new step mom is a 18" piece of foam.....

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