April 13, 2012

Pink is my power color....

I knew tonight was going to be interesting when I walked into the box and the owners 2 year old son asked me if I was wearing a girls shirt. I was wearing a "Supple Leopard" shirt from Rogue with the pink leopard on the front. I guess "pink" means "girl shirt" to a two year old. Either that or he saw the outline of my thong as I was walking around. If it had been one of my own kids I would have just shook him but truthfully I am pretty sure he can kick my ass. He already Front Squats better than half the gym so he's a bad ass kid....

With that said.......

3 PR's tonight!

Power Snatch - 140# (Previous 135#)
Power Clean - 175# (Previous 160#)
Back Squat (x2) - 235# (Previous 225#)

I'm pumped. I may be in traction tomorrow but I'm pumped.


  1. Congrats on the PR's man! I need some strength days to come up at my box so I can get something in for April lol.

  2. Thanks! We do strength days every Friday. CFD does a great job of programming for us and it has really helped my growth