April 14, 2012

Running Sucks....

Today's WOD
3 Rounds for Time

8 Push Jerk [115#]
400m Run
16 Kettlebell Swings [54#]
400m Run

Post WOD - 30 Ring Dips for time

I wouldn't describe today's WOD as particularly brutal just from looking at it but about halfway thru the 3rd 400m lap, I was feeling a little kicked in the nuts. I hate to run. I mean I REALLY hate it. The best I can tell there are only a few reasons anyone should run.

1. There's a fire...
2. A really hot girl says "First one in the pool gets to keep my bikini"...
3. When you are trying to get to and from the couch for a beer during a football game timeout... (this only applies if you don't have kids around)
4. Same hot girl from earlier says "First one in bed gets to finish first"... (The jokes on her either way)
5. You are being chased because the really hot girl is married or has a boyfriend....

I somehow survived the run and the WOD in general but I won't say it was pretty. The only upside about running is that I get about 1:30 of no one dropping F-bombs on me for my sh*tty form or other misdeeds. I'm just praying no one buys Regina roller-skates or a scooter.....

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