April 18, 2012

Tough day at the box...

You know it's going to be a tough day at the box when you get yelled at during warm up prior to the WOD. I was doing a few overhead squats this morning and heard not one but both trainers yelling that I wasn't squatting low enough. I already knew I wasn't low enough but my wrists hurt and I was trying to get loose. When I responded "I'm warming up" what I got back was "Your warm up should look better than your WOD. Whats wrong with you?" The answers to the second part of that question are too much to go into here however it did make me think. If my warm up should look better than my WOD and I get yelled at during the WOD for bad form, can I reply "Refer to my previous awesome form that I displayed during the warm up".... It's a valid point I think (that I will keep to myself)

The WOD today was 3 rounds for time of
800m run
40 Double unders
20 Overhead squats
40 Abmat sit-ups

I learned something new during this WOD. In MMA, if you get hit in the junk, you get 5 mins to recover. If you hit yourself in the junk with your rope doing double unders, you do not get a break or sympathy from the trainers. Travis told me that I was moving my hands too fast and it was messing up my rhythm. That is usually not a problem I associate with my hands and junk but he's probably right. Either that or my junk can't jump very high. Maybe I'll teach the twins to double dutch.....

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