April 4, 2012

When one WOD just isn't enough....

Tonights WOD was a three parter.

I. Skills practice - Rope Climb or Hand stand push-ups: I chose the rope climb. I wanted to practice locking my feet out on the rope and I think I finally got it. I went up and down half way a few times and it wasn't too bad. I am totally scared of heights so I need to keep building some confidence in my strength but overall I think I have this one ok.

II. WOD - 7 min AMRAP
11 Kettle Bell swings [70lbs]
22 Abmat Sit-ups

Total - 5 rounds

This is the first time I have ever used the Red 70lb Kettlebell and it was heavy as sh*t. I felt pretty good getting in 5 rounds but swinging that red bell around really sucks. I usually use the green one. The Kettlebells all come in different colors and I have named them all.

Baby Blue [26] - Smurfette
Yellow [35] - Tweety bird
Purple [44] - Barney
Green [53] - Jolly Giant
Red [70] - Satan's nuts
Black [80] - Mandingo

Somebody told me that calling the black one "Mandingo" was racist but some of my best friends are Kettlebells so it's ok....

III. 7 x 100m Sprints - Running has never been my forté. There are only two reasons to ever run. If you are being chased or if it's on the whiteboard. In this case it is the latter so off I went. I felt like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. The real moment of clarity I had during this part of the WOD was during the last sprint as I look to my left and I'm beating Jordan (to my surprise) and then look to my right and I am getting SMOKED by Michelle. CrossFit girls are badasses......

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