May 4, 2012

A few observations of Regionals....

Regionals are in full swing and since I've had a few days off from the box I've had a little extra time to make some observations from stalking the games site......

1. Matt Chan is a total bad ass and I'll admit it, I'd have wood too if I could lift this kind of weight but is this pic the best Crossfit could do?

2. He should hang a kettlebell from that thing and then we'd all be really impressed.

3. I wonder if he will get DQ'd if they have to do pushups and he can't get all the way down to the floor.

4. Kickstands are not allowed Matt. I checked the rulebook.

As soon as I saw this girl my first thought was "Wow. She's hot and really strong."

My second thought was "Are those my knee socks?"

My third thought was "Damn. I need to rethink my wardrobe choices"

Two things:

1. What the hell do you call this thing? A "Fro-hawk"?

2. Everyone is going to be pissed once the Reebok Fro-hawk is almost immediately out of stock ....

I think that horse has Matt Chan's boner on his head...

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