May 7, 2012

Weekends Over

It's time to jump back into another fun filled week by getting up at 5am to go torture myself. I was pretty proud of myself this weekend however. I stuck to my meal plan in spite of a trip to the zoo with the girls and I almost made "Mattchansboner" trend on Twitter thanks to my buddy @Kippingitreal. Read his blog here. He's funny as sh*t. Good Times.....

Usually, I am headed into the gym after a weekend with a metabolism running on Mitchell's Ice Cream & Papa John's. This weekend I only had one cheat meal after an extremely strict week. I felt pretty good overall but the WOD still kicked my ass. We did:

Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips
TIme - 18:50

This was a little longer than the last time I did it. Last time I did it in the evening plus this morning I gave myself a few "penalty" reps for not locking out on the ring dips. I know....excuses, excuses. I did however win this mornings WOD by 4 seconds over my buddy Pete who is moving back to Denver tomorrow. I would have sent him off with a victory "Tebow" but I was pretty sure I couldn't raise my hand to my forehead after all that shoulder work.

It's time to go jump in the shower now. I may have to put a bar of soap on a coat hanger if I plan to wash anything north of the border today....

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  1. The only reason we get along is cause you're funny as sh%t as well. Damn, I wish we could've made it a legit trending topic. Maybe in July we can hahahaha.

    Thanks for the linkage #mattchansboner