May 31, 2012

My Crossfit Experience part 2

If you are one of the two people that read this blog then you know about my dreadful first workout when I was introduced to Crossfit a year ago. If you somehow stumbled onto this blog otherwise then yes, you are in the wrong place but stick around and read anyway. You can read my previous post by clicking the link on the left. Left is that way <----- Look under "My Crossfit Experience". If you can't figure that out, then you're a dipstick and just click here My Crossfit Experience

Ok. Now that I'm done with all that spoiler alert BS, here's the deal. I had my shot at redemption today by getting to do the intro WOD again. The last time was a trip thru 3 levels of Hell and I was determined to not let that happen again. I'll admit that I can be a bit neurotic about the WOD's and I lost a little sleep last night over this one. The WOD itself doesn't look too brutal on paper but it hurts like hell. The intro WOD is:

3 rounds for time
10 Thrusters [95#]
20 Burpees
100ft Overhead walking lunge [45#]

Here's how it went

Round 1
Thrusters - 10 unbroken. I freakin' hate Thrusters like a fat kid hates diet soda but I blew thru these.
Burpees - 20 unbroken. It doesn't matter how many of these you do in a year, each one still sucks monkey butt. I get thru these ok but I'm breathing pretty heavy by the time I'm done.
OWLs - My legs are on fire at this point and I stick to my plan of going halfway, take a break, and repeat until done. The first round is done in 4 mins. I hit my pace and I would be proud if I could see. The sweat is pouring in my eyes and truthfully, that's not as fun as it sounds.

Round 2
Thrusters - 5-3-2. I wanted unbroken but it only took a couple to realize I had a better chance of regrowing my hair than I did of going unbroken.
Burpees - Monkey butt time. These were technically unbroken but I was moving slower than old people screwing. Come to think of it, my burpee form kind of looks like old people screwing so that works out.
OWLs - My halfway & break plan is falling apart. My steps are so short I'm beginning to wish I had worn my clown shoes. Regina also told me my form looked good which surprises me because I didn't notice that she was drunk before I started.

Round 3
Thrusters - 2-3-2-3. I started this at the 10 min mark and knew I had to dig deep but it only took two for me know that I would be about as deep as a puddle. I hang onto the bar and move thru these pretty well.
Burpees - I'm taking so many breaks that I'm not sure when my burpees are ending and my breaks are starting. I am out of breath but I'm just counting down in my head. I'm basically counting the puddles of sweat under my face. Once I get to 20 I'll move on.
OWLs - Regina is walking next to me and telling me what to do. She might as well be speaking Klingon because I have nothing left in the tank. At this point I am just taking one step at a time and trying to not fail. I make it to the end and collapse in a heap.

Time for WOD - 16:28
Time lying on the floor recovering - 10:45

Once the room stopped spinning I was pretty pleased. A year ago I did this in 36 mins with 45# Thrusters and a 15# plate on the OWLs. Today I RX'd and beat my time by more than half. This sh*t works people. Do you know what else works? The ice baths, hot tub sessions, band-aids, and chiropractic visits I need to keep this crap up.................and I LOVE it!

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  1. Great posts on your CrossFit experience man. Although one thing to add to your last sentence of "the ice baths..." gotta start taking bath salts dude. They make your WOD's SOOOOOO much better. Trust me.