May 2, 2012

Trust me, I'm a Doctor....

So I finally went in to see the doctor for my lower back issues. I was fully expecting him to tell me that the source of my pain was from a shoe Regina broke off in my ass during a WOD but Lo and behold, it was not. The Doc said and I quote "Crossfitters put a heavy load on their body and it even becomes more difficult for someone a little.....(trails off here)

Older Doc. You can say it. I'm old. 41yrs and 8 months to be exact. I'm comfortable with my age. I actually tell people I'm 60 because I look freakin great for 60. While I am on the topic of uncomfortable sentences, there were a few others that were said during this back cracking session I didn't expect such as....

  • "Ummm I know why my pants are off Doc but why are yours?"
  • "Are you using the whole fist Doc?"
  • "If you're gonna grab me like that you could at least buy me a cup of coffee first or talk dirty a little."
  • "I'm not comfortable lying on this table without an Asian girl in the room and soft music playing."
  • "Why is there a sign in the lobby that says "Truckers Welcome"?"
  • "Don't take it personally Doc. The erection just means you did a good job"
  • "You know I'm gonna blog about this later right?"

Long story short, I feel better already and scheduled a followup appointment (or second date depending on your perspective) for next week. My back cracked 3 ways past Sunday and feels pretty good. I think if I am going to continue to Crossfit I will need to do this every 2-4 weeks so I can continue to make progress and stay pain free. Time will tell....

Disclaimer: The doc is a fellow Crossfitter & a friend. He in no way gives rub and tugs for a living...........................................(to my knowledge)


  1. What dr? I have a herniated disc w sciatica. Don't know what exercises trigger it. Steve Eisenberg

  2. Replies
    1. Solon. I'm friends w Marty.

  3. Dr. Erik Peters in Macedonia. He works wonders...

    1. Cool. Thanks. You're stuff is hilarious.

    2. No prob. If you think my blog is funny, you should see Marty's pull-ups...

  4. The back still good?

    1. Yeah. Doc works on me about once a month and i've scaled back the heavy weight some to help but overall it feels pretty good these days. Thanks for asking.