May 9, 2012


I hardly ever do PM WODs but I spent the entire day in a meeting sitting on my rump and felt like I had to get some work in. I think I remember why I go in the morning now. Tonight I did:

3 rounds for time of
50ft broad jump
25 pull-ups
50ft broad jump
25 burpees
50ft broad jump
25 abmat sit-ups
50ft broad jump
25 air squats

Time - 25:12

That sucked the living bejesus out of me. My lungs are burning more than the evangelical right after Obama's gay marriage announcement. Was too political for a CrossFit blog? Oh Well...

I seriously underestimated this workout and I had two things going against me. First, I didn't wear my knee socks. I think they give me a special source of power and at a minimum they keep me from being distracted by the whiteness of my legs. My legs are so white they have a southern accent. Second, I was doing the WOD by myself so there was an appalling lack of F-bombs thrown my way. It's hard to pick up the pace if there is no threat of a shoe going up your ass.

I'm pretty bummed with my time. I should have been in under 20:00. I think I am still a little tentative due to the back issues I had plus the time off did not help. With that said, I've been pain free for a week and 4 pretty hard WODs in a row with zero pain. Doc Peters is a chiropractic ROCK STAR!

Off to bed so I can do deadlifts at 6am!

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