May 10, 2012


So it's going to be a BIG weekend. It's finally time for the Central East Regionals and I am going to Columbus to watch the action. We have two competitors from our box competing. Scott Panchik & Travis Page both qualified at #4 & #5 respectively. Since I am the acting Director of Social Media for CFD, I get to take a ton of pictures, update the sites, and live blog the best I can. I have set a list of priorities for the next couple of days.

1. Get as many pics of our guys competing as I can.
2. Lots O' booty shorts pics of the women. (I have an extra memory card set aside for this.)
3. Try not to run into Matt Chan (or his boner). See previous blog...
4. Apologize to Froning for making the competition so close in the Open. I am sure he was stressed once he saw that I snatched 135# three whole times.
5. Write my final Worldwide Open ranking on my arm and wear sleeveless shirt. #14423 BITCHES!
6. See if I can get Julie Foucher to drink my post workout drink aka "Roofie Colata"
7. Spend time at the Rogue Fitness display buying more t-shirts to add to my infinite collection.
8. Get zero exercise. I may actually make "Joe-Zay", "Jax", & "FWM" carry me around on their backs like a papoose.
9. Get some Graeters Ice Cream. This is a Columbus staple and I get a cheat meal damn it!
10. Go heckle the Reebok booth that will be out of stock 30 mins after Regionals open.

If you live within 200 miles of Columbus, get your ass in the car and get there to help cheer on our guys! You will see some fantastic competitors and hopefully a CFD member (or 2) on the podium. If you can't make it you can follow the action on ESPN3 or watch my live blogging on twitter @cfdistinction


  1. I'm patiently waiting for the pics of #mattchansboner

    ...wait a sec...I mean the BOOTY SHOTS! My b...

  2. I took about 900 photos yesterday (give or take a few). Once I get home tonight I'm going to start sorting them. Thats a lot of ass to look at so it may take a bit.