July 3, 2012

I think I'm turning Japanese

So this morning I did:

100 Thrusters [135/95]
**5 burpees at the top of each min

It turns out that "Kalsu" is Japanese for "You won't be able to f*cking breathe when this is over!" Ok. That may be a loose translation but it is pretty d*mn accurate if you ask me. I chose a lighter weight [75#] in light of my recent back/sciatic issues and it was plenty. I flew thru the first 25 thrusters and thought this would be pretty quick but once the combination of burpees to thruster really kicked in I knew it was going to take awhile. It did.

I also learned that my form is sh*t. With the lighter weight I could really tell how bad I am at controlling the bar. I think I only could look worse at this if they gave me two shake weights to do thrusters with. I should try that next time. I think I would be pretty good at the shake weight. Hey Bitches! If you think my shake weight thrusters look good you should see my butt plug burpees.  Wait...What was I talking about again?

Sorry. I get distracted easy. When it was all done, I finished in 18:45 and while I don't think that is award worthy, I am pretty happy to be unscathed from an injury standpoint. Now that I am getting more comfortable that I can survive the workouts again, I'm looking forward to seeing what evil concoction is on deck for the 4th of July. Stay safe everyone...

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