July 28, 2012

Rough week of Crossfit

In case you all have not figured this out yet, a lot of what you will read on this blog is complete and utter horsesh*t,  Except for my WOD times. No one would post shi*tty time and stats like mine unless it were true.

It's been a rough week. We had a long WOD on Wednesday that nearly killed me, Olympic Lifting on Friday, and todays WOD was a Chipper. I'm exhausted and ready for some rest.

2 Rounds
1200m run
60 Double unders
30 Overhead squats
30 Pull-ups
Time: 34:07

I made the 35 min time cap (barely) but it came at a price. It left me gimping around for a couple of hours. Running has been hurting my back lately and the 2400m in this one whipped me good. I decided about halfway through the second run that I needed new shoes.  I was working out in Mentor that day so I went into Second Sole to see what I could find.

When I went inside the salesperson asked me what I needed them for. I resisted my smartass urge to say "Run" and told him "I'm a Crossfitter and need more support for the running portions of the workouts." He made me roll up my pants and walk around so he could watch, made me squat, measured my feet and then made me try on about 15 different pairs. I settled on a pair of Nike Zoom Vomero+. As I was trying them on the salesperson joked "Those Nikes will look great with that suit you are wearing". I said, "The only people that wear Nikes with suits are cult members". He said, "You're in one." Touché salesperson, Touché....

This was a rest day but I still took the new Nikes out for a test run on a treadmill. As running shoes go, they get high marks. I logged a couple of miles and felt ok for most of it. I walked for short 1/10th intervals and ran in 1/2 mile intervals. I still didn't feel perfect but I did feel better. The real test will be in a running WOD.

We did Olympic Lifting or as it should be called in my case, Special Olympic Lifting. I have come a long way in my lifting but I'm surprised no one makes me wear a helmet.

Today we had a chipper.

12 Sumo deadlift high pull
12 Jump over box
12 Thruster
12 Burpee pull-up
12 Hang power clean
12 Handstand push-up
12 Hang power clean
12 Burpee pull-up
12 Thruster
12 Jump over box
12 Sumo deadlift high pull
Time - 14:45

We had to use one weight for all the lifts and I really struggle with form on Sumos and Thrusters at anything above 95# so that's what I used. It gave me an advantage on the cleans but the entire thing still kicked my butt. My Thrusters were so ugly I yelled at myself a couple of times. I really need to get some extra work on those. One thing I have noticed lately is that my cardio is really coming together. That's the beauty of Crossfit and Regina's great programming. A year ago this would have taken me a week regardless of the weight but now my recovery time and endurance is so much better. As they say, It never get's easier, it just gets faster....

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