July 31, 2012

Stone Cold Ass Kickery

Today's WOD was a long one and I stone cold got my ass kicked.

Wall balls
*200m run after every round
Time - 32:10

This took me forever and I don't mean that figuratively, I'm doing burpees as I type this. In all seriousness, I didn't think this would take as long as it did. I tend to do body weight exercises pretty well but you put these 3 together with a run attached and it will pull your lungs out and step on them.

The burpees were bad from the very beginning. I never settled into any kind of a rhythm from start to finish and I really paid for it. They just felt slower than old people screwing in molasses on the intensified gravity of the planet Jupiter. Yeah, I just thought of that. Boom. I need to do more burpees throughout the week as I warm up. It's amazing how fast you can get out of "burpee shape". It's not so amazing that I have never actually been in "burpee shape".

I was surprised once I got to the Wall balls at how tired my arms were. I took a couple of shots to the face and in case you are wondering, yes, that is the first time I have taken balls to the face. Once I resolved that, my sets turned out pretty good and I moved thru them at a decent pace but it was exhausting.

The pull-ups were the easy part. Every one felt great. I did them in sets of 7-10 the whole way and moved thru them pretty quickly. I also didn't tear my hands which is always a plus so the love life is intact for one more day. At this point in my life, Fistina and I are really close and every time I leave the box with torn hands I feel like a wife beater. Disclaimer: Spousal abuse is no laughing matter and for the record, that hand has slapped me around a lot more than I have it....

The run nearly killed me. I've had a nagging calf tweak for a week now and even though it was only 200m it might as well have been 1000. I probably walked about half of this which in retrospect is where the bulk of my sh*tty time came from. I must have looked miserable because when I came in on round 15 Travis asked me how my back was feeling. I told him, "Fine but my vagina hurts like hell." That was pretty much true. The old va-jay-jay was aching pretty bad at this point and it didn't let up until the end but I made it. This entire workload took a little over 30 minutes so when it was over, I did the same thing  I always do. I congratulated Matt & Marty for kicking my ass and went home and had my way with an ice pack. It was totally consensual.

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