July 4, 2012

Welcome to my madness

I'd like to welcome some new readers to this blog. I like to check the referring sites and keywords that get people here. Yesterday I used the term "butt plug" in my blog and you'd be amazed at how many hits that got me. The good news is I think it is going to be difficult to offend people who search online for butt plugs so welcome pervs as you read this standing up....

Happy 4th of July! I celebrated by doing the following WOD with my buddies at Crossfit Distinction.

For time:
300ft Overhead Walking lunge [45/25]
15 Sumo deadlift high pull [95/65]
30 Hand release push-ups
15 Wall climbs
30 GHD sit-ups (Abmat x2)
15 Power snatch [95/65]
30 Box jumps [24/18]

After all of those thrusters yesterday I was a little worried about the lunges. We had the added benefit of doing these outside in the parking lot so now my knees look like I'm a graduate of a Sandusky football camp. It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating but it still sucked. There is really no good way to cheat a lunge so I just had to grind these out. The weight portions of the WOD were not too bad because I went light again so I moved thru that pretty good. The hardest part of the entire WOD was the wall climbs. I was so sweaty my hands were sliding all over the place. I was just happy to not fall on my big bald head or drown in my own sweat as I kept dropping face first into my own puddle. I paint an attractive picture don't I ladies? Boom.

All told I got thru this WOD in a little over 21 mins so I'm pretty happy with that. When it was over Regina mentioned that my form looked really good which means she got an early start on the holiday drinking or she needs something from me. I'm guessing the later. Either way it is time for a shower and then on to my favorite WOD. Couch sits & pillow hugs for time. See ya....

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