August 6, 2012

BBQ & Burpees at Crossfit Tier One...

The JFWodfather is officially on vacation in the great state of North Carolina. I love the South. I went and had some East Carolina BBQ last night. I had almost forgotten how good the food is here. This is the only place where "Mac & Cheese" can be listed on a menu as a vegetable with no sense of irony whatsoever. Also the actual veggies are cooked with fatback so any nutritional value is pretty much gone. That wasn't a complaint, just stating a fact. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in both. After all that BBQ and 3 cups of coffee the next morning, I am think I pooped myself into a smaller pair of shorts. Yes, I went there.....You. Are. Welcome.

I was a little afraid that the BBQ from last night would impact my WOD today but I held it together pretty well. I dropped in on the local box here in Greenville, Crossfit Tier One. Before I get into the details of the WOD, let me say that these guys are a class act. The place is run by Neil & Brandon and it's obvious that they work hard because you could see some serious athletes in there getting at it. Neil put me thru the paces today and he was really helpful and friendly. Oh yeah, he also gave me a killer t-shirt to add to my collection. Boom.

Prior to getting there I had checked out their website and got myself a bit confused. I accidentally went in for strength training instead of the athletic conditioning I had planned for. I ended up doing both. 2 hours of Crossfit. LOVE it....

Strength WOD:

5x3 Deadlift, Strict Press, & Back Squat each at 63%, 70%, 77%, 85%, & 92% of 1RM.

Even though I wasn't expecting to do lifting today, this was fun. Neil did a great job of keeping an eye on me and helping to spot me during the back squats. I moved thru the lifting pretty quick. It was probably because I was fresh after a few days off and the fact that I somehow hear Regina & Travis yelling at me in my head even out of state. Neil actually told me my Deadlift form looked good so all that yelling paid off I guess. Thanks CFD coaches.

Athletic Conditioning WOD:

25 min AMRAP
400m run w/45# sandbag
8 Ground to Overhead 95#
6 Rope Walks
11 Burpees
Total: 4 rounds

This is more my style. Cardio & lighter weight. I've never run with a sandbag weighing me down (not counting those years of marriage) so I was excited to try this. The run itself was ok but the southern humidity leaves something to be desired. It's like trying to breath thru cotton balls. Not fun. Plus I'm so pale, I am pretty sure that I came close to combusting a couple of times. I think the others actually got more tan from the reflection coming off of my head.

The Ground to Overhead was no big deal. I chose to do a Snatch thru the first three rounds and switched to a Clean and Jerk in round 4 just to do something different. I noticed at some point that I was the only one snatching but I was still pretty sure it was allowed. I did this under the CFD motto "If you don't hear an F-bomb, it means you're doing it right." They don't cuss a lot in the South so I took advantage there. Sorry guys....

The rope walks were fun. I had never done those before and they were harder than they looked. I am pretty sure my form was sh*tty but no one said anything. They were probably still afraid I would combust from the run.

The burpees were well........burpees. They sucked but at that volume they weren't too bad as far as burpees go.

I got in 4 rounds and probable should have gotten in another run but truthfully after 2 hours I didn't have it in me. It was still a really fun WOD and the whole group got after it hard. I like this box for sure.

Neil invited me to do an AMRAP with them on Wednesday at ECU's football stadium. All I heard was 20 mins, running stadium stairs and sandbags. Wednesday's my birthday so I think that's a pretty good way to kick off my 42nd (gasp!) year. Details to follow.....

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