August 8, 2012

Biscuits & Box jumps at Crossfit Tier 1...

So Happy Birthday to me! Since I am vacationing in North Carolina, I decided to kick off my day with a breakfast at Yoder's Dutch Pantry. This local restaurant does a fantastic breakfast and I was anxious to try it again before I leave town. I always try to eat at least 3 hours before working out so I have time to digest. Since my WOD started at Noon, we got to the restaurant at 8:30. We waited about an hour and a half to eat so my plan was shot. By the time we had food in front of us, it was about 10:30. That didn't keep me from crushing a plate of french toast, home fries, 2 eggs, bacon, & a biscuit. I had died and gone to hillbilly heaven. This is not my normal pre-wod meal but as they say "When in Rome..." My little one got a cinnamon roll about the size of her torso. She destroyed it. She went in there weighing 60 lbs and left weighing 65 lbs. Pretty impressive for a little kid. I may or may not have stolen a few bites of it...

I rolled into Crossfit Tier one right at Noon and got in a quick warm up before the WOD. My warmup consisted of some medicine ball work and a few quick prayers that I would not blow chunks on anyones shoes. "Dear Baby Jesus with the kung-fu grip, thank you for that bountiful harvest of eggs. bacon, & biscuits. Please give me the strength to hold it inside so the hotties in yoga pants aren't any more repulsed by me than they already are. Amen" 

Todays WOD was right in my wheelhouse...

4 rounds for time
9 Deadlifts 155#
200m run
12 Toes to Bar
200m run
15 Box jumps 24"
200m run
Time - 23:30

First of all let me say while I love this box, it is about half the size of what I am used to. In typical Crossfit fashion though, everyone makes it work and it doesn't impact the WOD at all. Also Neil does a great job directing traffic and making sure everyone in on task. I carved out my little space and was ready to go. I came out strong on this one and flew thru the first round of Deadlifts and Toes to Bar. I had some nerves about the run with my back issues of late but it wasn't an issue at all today. The box jumps were slow for me. I just can't string them together in any quick way but I moved thru them steady and just tried to keep my overall pace going. When it was all said and done I finished 6th in the group and was happy when Neil told me he was "glad to see one of us old guys pushing the young bucks". I didn't have the heart to tell him I was just trying to push my breakfast back down and just mustered up a very winded "Thanks!"

I hung out for a bit and Neil helped me with some muscle up technique and explained the programing for his box. It is very similar to the way I am used to see programming when some minor differences that are most likely due to a considerably bigger membership and space constraints. If you find yourself in this area and are looking for a place to call your Crossfit home, you can do no better than CF Tier 1. Word of caution, Neil is a Steelers fan but don't hold that against him.

I'm off to have some post WOD chocolate birthday cake with sweet tea and then head to Washington DC for a couple of days to see the Capitol and Six Flags. See Y'all in a few days....

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