September 29, 2012

CFD stands for CrossFit Disability

I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself because of the injury so I decided to go up to the box today to take some pics for the website. For those of you that don't know, I am the official "Social Media Director" of CrossFit Distinction so I need to take pics of the WODs from time to time to make sure we have enough to post. Being a creeper is just an added benefit for me. Anyway, I get there and "Coach Chris" is tooling around on a scooter due to that big old boot he has on his ankle. All of the sudden I don't feel so bad. Also being the excellent CrossFit fiance that he is, he was also being supportive of his much better half. I don't blame him because I am pretty sure she could toss he and I across the room like rag dolls. Like most CrossFit women, she's a badass and very cool to boot. I asked Chris how he hurt his ankle he said he "Fell down" and then whispered "Help me!". I'm sure he was joking......

After that, "Coach Chris" was doing one legged wall ball scoots for time. He crushed that WOD. Pretty Impressive.... CrossFit is so trendy, I bet everyone will want a scooter now. Unfortunately the Reebok Scooters are backordered.....

The actual WOD today was:
2K Row
50 Burpee box jumps
25 Thrusters [135/95]

The looks on everyones faces said it all. It looked horrible and I was jealous I couldn't be part of it. There is something sadistic about wanting to put yourself thru that but I miss the endorphin rush and the feeling of accomplishment afterward. I do not miss the all afternoon pain I would be in if I had tried it however so the only thing that got a workout today was my trigger finger on the camera.

Tomorrow we have a mobility/yoga class and I am going to go. I think the stretching will be good for me and I am excited that we have added that to the schedule at CFD. Now if you will excuse me, I am off to do a much needed WOD of vacuuming and laundry...

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