September 30, 2012

CrossFit Yoga

Total was my first session of a much needed Mobility/Yoga class. We just started having these classes at CFD and they are a much needed element to our training I think. Flexibility is really important to overall health and physical well being and it is honestly something I do not focus on enough. Today reminded me of that and since I am basically in "Rehab" anyway I think I will try to do this a couple of days a week for the next month.

One of our members, Jen instructed the class today and she did a great job. It was a good mixture of vinyasas, balance poses, and stretches. My legs feel like a couple of noodles at this point and I think I am going to be walking funny for the rest of the day. "Coach Chris" was behind me and I am pretty sure he can get VA benefits now for the post traumatic stress disorder he will have from watching me in downward dog for an hour. Chris - You. Are. Welcome.....

Alot of the CFD members don't do Yoga on a regular basis or at all so there were some pretty inflexible people in the room. I didn't get a chance to look around too much but at one point I saw my buddy Marty striking a balance pose that was more inflexible than my grandmothers views on gay marriage. It was pretty impressive to say the least.

All jokes aside, it was a great session and I am looking forward to working it into my routine for awhile....

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