September 25, 2012

I broke the 1st rule of Crossfit

I knew I shouldn't have written that blog a few days back about injury. The 1st rule of Crossfit is we don't talk about injury. JINX!!! Now I'm laid up with a sore back and knee pain. It all started with a little WOD called:

3 rounds for time:
800m run
30 Clean [95/65]
30 Burpees

This thing messed me up. All that talk about knowing my limits was obviously BS because I DNF'd it and ended up seeing my doctor later in the day. I have two Docs I see. One is my chiropractor who does excellent work and the other is my family physician Dr. Vlad Kim. First of all, I know what you are thinking. Is he Russian or Korean? I'm gonna go on a guess and say Eastern European and leave it at that. He definitely drinks booze made from potatoes not rice. Did I just call my doctor a drunk? Anyway ~ So I go see him and while I'm waiting the nurse comes in to take my vitals. For the record, it doesn't matter how many times I go to the doctor, the nurse interactions never happen like they do in porno and they always ask me to put my pants back on. In any event, she checked my blood pressure and told me I was perfect. I don't mean to brag but my heart rocks. This is how our convo went down.

Nurse: "What's hurting?"
Me: "My lower back?"
Nurse: "Did you lift something heavy?"
Me: "Everyday"
Nurse: ......weird stare and awkward silence.
Me: "I hurt it working out"
Nurse: "Ok. Put your pants on."

You get the idea. Anywho...Doc Vlad comes in, hoses me down and tells me he thinks I have a pinched nerve but wants me to get an MRI to be sure. Now I don't know how much those things cost but if I can't pronounce it by a real name, it is probably expensive and my sh*tty insurance probably won't cover it. Universal Healthcare my ass. Thanks a lot Obama.....Do I seem annoyed?

Short story long, I am out of the box for awhile. At least until the shooting pain down my leg subsides. On the upside, me and this ice pack have formed a tight bond. My plan moving forward is a full week of rest hugging this ice pack while I wait to see what the MRI costs. After that, assuming I feel better, light workouts that have little to no back stress and copious amounts of alcohol not necessarily in that order.

Keep your fingers crossed that I am on the mend.....

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