September 16, 2012

Take my advice. I don't use it anyway...

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my CrossFit journey and to give advice to those who are just starting. I'm going to try to do a little of that today. I've been CrossFitting for about one and a half years now but I feel like a veteran. I probably feel like a veteran because I'm old. Ok, I'm not THAT old but I am a youthful 42 which means the CrossFit workouts not only kick my butt like everyone else but I also have to make sure I scale appropriately and that I get enough recovery time between WODs. Truthfully, you should do that at any age but I think it is even more important as you get older. I have had a few reoccurring injuries or nagging pains since I started. My back has been the primary culprit but today it is my right wrist and right knee. Neither one are really injured, just aching a bit. Aspirin and ice packs have become my best friends. It used to be porn and Kleenex so I guess I've grown up. One of the defining traits of a CrossFitter is to be able to work thru pain but the flip side is we tend to work when we should rest. Today I am resting which means couch time, lots of food, and extreme sadness as I watch the Cleveland Browns.

When I transitioned to CrossFit from P90X, I had been working out 6 days a week. I figured the 5 days of CrossFit would be easy. Boy was I wrong. As a matter of fact, the 5 days a week I was putting on my body without proper rest and scaling was doing more harm than good. I recently changed my workout schedule and have seen better results and far less nagging pains. Currently I am following this schedule:

Mon - Benchmark WOD
Tues - Skills practice/Strength
Wed - WOD/Strength
Thurs - Rest
Fri - Olympic Lifting
Sat - WOD
Sun - Rest

I do my workouts at 6am (usually) which gives me almost 48 hrs between high intensity WODs. I also added in some extra strength training which I think will continue to make me stronger and make the weight in the WODs more manageable. We'll see how it goes long term but so far, so good. My advice for today is find a routine that works for you and your body and stick with it. Everyone is different so don't be bullied into something that doesn't feel right. As long as you are consistent with the workouts you will see results. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go grab a box of Kleenex and watch the Browns game. No seriously, the Browns game....

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