September 17, 2012

The first rule of CrossFit.....

Apparently talking about injuries is like talking about a no-hitter or telling someone the first rule of "Fight Club". You just don't do it. After yesterdays post about dealing with pain, I found myself dealing with one during today's WOD. Monday is "Benchmark" day and today we did:

5 rounds for time of - 
400m run
15 Overhead squats [95/65]
Time - 18:51

The good news was I PR'd by 2:09. The bad news was my lower back started hurting as I went out the door to start round 3. I was bummed because at the time I was moving faster than a cat trying to cover crap on a marble floor. Yes, that's a thing and yes I'm gross. This is where I have started to feel like a veteran. A year ago I would have DNF'd  or walked the 400's, essentially killing my time. Now I have figured out the difference between true injury and my muscle tightening up so I was able to pace the runs differently and really drive with my hamstrings to take the pressure off my back. I still felt some discomfort and would have been significantly faster without it but I was able to work thru it and finished well.

Here is a disclaimer for anyone that reads this. If you feel pain and it's not something you are used to or understand, STOP. There is no WOD worth an injury. I have been dealing with this nagging issue for awhile and pretty much have it isolated. Personally I think part of my issue is in my warm up so I would be happy to take suggestions from any of you that suffer from lower back pain while running.

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