September 21, 2012

To lift or not to lift....

So I had to make a decision this morning. Do I sleep in or go lift? The alarm went off at 5am and I hit snooze. I dozed for about 30 mins and when I came to, I weighed out the pros and cons of an extra hour sleep or the ass reaming I would get from Regina for skipping. I jumped out of bed and got to the box at 6:05. Turns out it was just me and a new member there so while I didn't get the reaming, I did get the added "benefit" of getting solo instruction. My back is really tight from Wednesdays WOD so I modified my normal Friday Olympic lifting. Here is what I did:

Overhead Squat 5x2 @ 115#
Push Jerk 5x2 @ 155#
Front Squat 5x5 @ 175#

There was nothing really "special" or funny about today but I did want to say that consistently going to lift on Fridays has improved my WODs tremendously. There was a time not that long ago where 175# would have been my 1RM. All of the lifting, particular the squats, has improved all aspects of my WODs and given me not only the strength and endurance to get thru a tough WOD but also the mental toughness to push thru. If you aren't lifting on a regular basis, go in, get a bar and pick it up. You will thank yourself later.

Also for all you 6am'ers that didn't show today, get your butts in before you get a nasty message from the boss....

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