September 22, 2012

Will WOD for beer...

I woke up this morning with knee pain, a sore butt, and a splitting headache. Normally that would be a sign that I either had a great night previously or that I just got out of prison. Unfortunately for me it was neither. Just a little change of season sinus issues and soreness from the previous days lifting. As fate would have it, todays WOD brought the perfect remedy for knee pain.....30" box jumps and wall balls. Some days I think the WODs are programmed to torture me. Here is what I did:

15min AMRAP
6 Pull-ups
9 Box jumps [30"]
12 Wall balls [20#]
Total - 7 rounds + 2 Wall balls

Normally I love the smell of an AMRAP in the morning but the problem was I was gasping for air so fast I couldn't smell. This thing had me winded by round two. The pull-ups and wall balls were not an issue at all. The workout started and ended with the box jumps. Thirty inches felt so high it seemed like I needed a ladder to get back down each time. I only wiped out once which I felt was a victory considering the height. Next time I do this one I'll bring a trampoline....

The best part of todays WOD was my buddy Stanola brought me a four pack of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. This stuff is AWESOME and I can't wait to give it a try tonight. The alcohol content is really high so if I wake up with sore knees and a sore ass again I'll have a good excuse this time......

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