September 19, 2012


I'm going to get right to it. Today's WOD was a killer...

WOD: 40 minute time cap
For time:
40 Push press [135/95]
40 Toes to bar
40 Hand release push ups
40 Medicine ball clean [20/14]
40 Deadlift [155/105]
40 Jumping air squats
400 Foot bear crawl
400m Run with plate carry [45/25]

Time - 29:40

Anytime Regina & Travis program a WOD with a time cap you can almost always guarantee it is going to suck the life out of you. This was no exception. When I first looked at the whiteboard I wasn't sure what to be most afraid of. Let me break it down for you.

Push Press: This wasn't too bad. I went with 95# and did them in four sets of ten. I probably should have done 115# but I knew the entire WOD was going to be long, I suck going overhead, and I didn't want to blow out my shoulders before getting to the toes to bar.

Toes to Bar: The first 20 was smooth as silk. The second 20 were uglier than a bucket of a-holes with the best ones picked out. Yes. I'm from the South. Get-R-Done....

Hand Release Push-ups: This is where the WOD got serious. I suck at HRPU's. My first problem is the teenager in me thinks the name is funny. It makes me want to yell "Two dolla make you holla". My second problem is I don't practice these enough and I end up humping the floor. I don't mean to hump the floor but once my arms get tired I struggle to lead with my chest. On the bright side, I have a date Friday with the floor mat....

Medicine Ball Clean: These I can do in big sets but I was sucking wind at this point and had to do them in sets of tens. I was working out next to "Big Rick" so I would just wait for him to hit the deck on his HRPU's and let the momentum from the floor bounce carry me up. It's all about the strategy....

Deadlifts: I had to decide between 145# and 155#. At 145# I protect my back but get my ass chewed by Regina for going too light. I chose the ass chewing. It's not as fun as it sounds. 155# would not have been an issue but I honestly didn't want to have to put on the extra plates and I had done heavy deadlifts the day before. Either way they were surprisingly difficult. At this point I could see Big Rick catching up to me so I did the sets in 5-5-5-5-10-10. Those last 20 killed.

Jumping Air Squats: The Deadlifts crushed me and I was moving slow. By this point I was taking more breaks than a teamster. I'm pretty sure I was doing these in sets of ones and twos but it's still a little hazy. As I looked around the room everyone was showing the effects. Neal was sitting on his medicine so long I thought someone was going to bring him a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

400ft Bear Crawl: I like to think I look like a grizzly doing these but I'm pretty sure I look like Winnie. Maybe even Eeyore. I know he's not a bear but he's in the story so shut up. Anyway ~ Right before I started I did my checklist. Knee pain - CHECK, Back pain - CHECK, Wrist pain - Check. What will make all that feel better? 8 Bear crawls...... I actually got thru these pretty good but my shoulders were more fried than Obama in high school.

400m Run with 45# plate: I put a towel over my shoulders, tossed the plate on my back and sprinted out the door and by sprinted I mean walked slower than old people screwing. I walked about the first 100m and then saw the newly married "Dr. Glove" coming around the bend. At that point I had caught my breath and started jogging. Running was out of the question and I figured I could hold my lead if I just didn't stop. My forearms started cramping at about the 300m mark but I kept chugging and closed it out in sub 30.

I was ecstatic to finish sub 30. A year and a half ago this would have taken me all day. I actually finished this monster faster than my intro WOD. Further proof that Regina and Travis are great at programing and that consistency pays off. Now if you will excuse me, I am going back to my ice bath....

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