October 1, 2012

Ask JFW...

So I am going to try something new and I hope, reoccurring here on the JFWodfather. I am going to answer questions from readers/followers and provide my sage advice. I know when I strated I had a lot of questions and I would like to "give back". Feel free to send any and all questions that you may have to Thewodfather@gmail.com

Dear JFW,
I am new to CrossFit and have a question. The girls in my gym wear yoga pants and boy shorts to work out in and I am having trouble paying attention to what I am doing. How do I get my WOD on without getting my WOD on if you know what I mean?
Trouble doing pushups

Dear Trouble,

This is something all new male CrossFitters deal with from time to time. There are a few things you can do to make it easier on you. 

1. Quit. There is really no better way to fix this problem. It's not like the girls asses are going to get less hot.
2. Ok...No one likes a quitter. Try to imagine the huge CrossFit husbands and boyfriends of said girls ripping your arms off at the socket. That usually helps.
3. Dead baby ducks. Think of dead baby ducks or skinny dipping with your grandma. I said your grandma not mine. That's just sick...
4. Fake a back injury and then hunch over. That will have everyone looking at the bulge in your back instead of the one in your pants.
5. If you can't hide it, then at least hang a kettlebell from it. You might as well make it useful.

That's the best I can do for you "Trouble". Look on the bright side, with your wrist strength, you probably are the best in the gym at double unders.....

Ok Peeps. That's it for tonight. Don't forget to send in your questions....


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