October 6, 2012

CrossFit 007

I am seriously going to get fat(ter) if I don't get back into the box soon. My day today basically consisted of eating and watching Alias on Netflix. In my defense, Jennifer Garner, pre Ben Affleck, is hot as hell. Who am I kidding? She still is but I love the kung-fu fighting Sydney Bristow more than the Affleck baby maker we see today. The first season is the season of bikinis and belly shirts. It almost makes me wish I was an international terrorist being chased by the CIA. She could water board me any day. I think I got off topic....

Anywho ~ CrossFit. I have to do more CrossFit. I got a message today from an old friend who called me a "complete hard ass" for doing CrossFit as long as I have. Apparently he didn't see me eating those pancakes this morning. While I was doing that, he was doing his first WOD ever at a local box. He did a 10 min AMRAP of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

The message he sent me said "I'm crushed". I love seeing messages like that. This is a guy who works out hard 5 days a week and to his credit got 8 2/3 rounds but I bet his lungs still burn. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. One of the hardest things for new CrossFitters to figure out is the pace. Everything moves so fast and it takes awhile to learn where to take breaks and how to be efficient. I saw this on someones twitter feed the other day and I thought it really explained what CrossFit is all about and what my friend probably learned today.

Them: "What do you do for exercise?"
Me: "I lift weights."
Them: "What do you do for cardio?"
Me: "I lift weights faster."

The only way to get past that lung burning feeling is to get in there 5 days a week and let your body catch up to your mind. Eventually it will....

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