October 30, 2012

CrossFit is a mental game

5 rounds for time
9 "Clusters" (Full squat clean into Thruster) [135/95]
18 Bar facing burpees
27 Box jumps [24/18]
Time: 31:50

I think the next time that I see "5 rounds for time" on the whiteboard, I am just going to opt for four rounds and a nut punch. This was fantastically horrible in every way. It has all of the movements that jack me up one after the other so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to this. I went into it thinking that I may only be able to complete three rounds due to my ongoing (now slowly healing) back issues but I wasn't sure. Here was my plan:

1. Long breaks between rounds - Not "Go get a cup of coffee and read a book" long but long enough that I could gather my wits and evaluate how I feel.
2. Slow, deliberate burpees - These were like old lady, water aerobics slow. They were so slow it isn't even fair to call them burpees. They should be called "Oh my God, JFW is slow humping the floor-pees".......Ok. Maybe burpees is still an ok name but they were slow nonetheless.
3. Steady box jumps - No breaks but just keep a steady pace and catch your breath. I normally wouldn't use box jumps as my "catch your breath" stage but they are easier than burpees but not as easy as taking a nut punch (see above)

Once I finished round three, I put down my book, self evaluated, and decided I could go on. Of all the things I have learned doing CrossFit, mental toughness is the most valuable. It's easy to say "I can't" or "That's too hard". It's something also entirely to look inside yourself, realize you have a lot of work to do, and get after it with no prize ahead of you other than the satisfaction of doing it. I basically just started grinding this one out one movement at a time and got it done. Nothing heroic, just hard work and I am glad I did it. This was the first five rounder since I got injured (on a five rounder) and I was happy to see the progress and by progress I mean the self inflicted, couch induced coma that I am currently in. I may get up again sometime next week....


  1. That's a legit WOD! Good job regardless. 135# Clusters is heavy for me!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't using 135# though. I stuck with 95 to protect my back. Our trainers do a great job with programming and we usually one "long" WOD like this a week. I think they like to torture us...