October 24, 2012

CrossFit lesson for the day

AMRAP - 15mins
30 Wall balls
15 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 Box jumps [24"]
Total: 3 rounds + 18 Wall balls

This WOD sucked. I feel like I start this blog with "This WOD sucked" too often. I think I do that for two reasons.

1. Most WODs really suck
2. I'm kind of a p*ssy

How's that for honesty?

I slept in again today instead of doing my normal 6am and went to the 4pm class. Now here in Cleveland we are not blessed with great weather but today was beautiful and the only two people in this class were yours truly and one of our coaches Joe aka Joe-Zay aka Captain America. Comparing Joe and I athletically is like comparing apples and oranges. Especially if the apple is really fast and strong. You thought I was gonna be the apple didn't you? I like to throw curve balls. Anyway ~ I was happy that he and I were going head to head because while I knew I couldn't beat him, it would push me harder. Like most CrossFitters, I am a very competitive person so I knew it would help.

I believe that CrossFit is almost as much mental as it is physical. I made a mental error today and did not plan out my WOD at all. I came out fast and instead of breaking up the sets into manageable parts, just went until I couldn't go anymore. Due to that I made it thru the first set of C2B pull-ups as fast as Joe but after that I got smoked like a nickel bag at a Phish concert. I'm normally not very good at chest to bar pull-ups and while they were unusually good today, they also kept me from catching my breath. I felt it at the start of round two when the first wall ball felt like it weighed 200 pounds. Long story short, the WOD felt like it took an hour and Joe beat me by a full round. You would think after beating an old man like me he would help me to my car but I guess he wasn't feeling it today. He probably was saving his energy to go break an old lady's hip or something....

Here is my CrossFit lesson for the day. Plan out your WOD and compete against younger people. If they beat you it's expected and if you win they never live it down. It's a win/win....

BTW - My overall record vs. Joe is 2 - 385 but those two wins were EPIC!

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