October 27, 2012

CrossFit Swag

The trick to effective wodding (yes that's a word) is to make sure you look the part. It's imperative that you have the proper CrossFit apparel and I own plenty. Whenever I think I am going to get my ass kicked in a WOD I make sure to dress as flashy as I can. That way no one remembers your sh*tty time but they will remember your swag. Today I knew I needed to be Swagarific....

100 foot Bear Crawl
8 Sumo Deadlift
6 Push Press
4 Wall Walks
Time 13:28

This was not my best WOD ever. I've been riding a four WOD win streak over my buddy Marty thanks to some advantageous WODs and creative math. I knew going into this that it would probably come to an end. I suck at Sumo Deadlifts and knew they would slow me down. It didn't matter because Marty came out quick on the Bear Crawls and never looked back. Truth be told, I was a little uncomfortable at how quickly I was in second. It was like 3-2-1 Go!... and then I'm thinking "Holy crap he's fast. When did he get good at bear crawls? His legs look big. Has he been doing extra squats? Uh oh. Sh*t just got weird."

Anywho ~ He crushed me like a hillbilly's can of PBR. It wasn't pretty in the least bit but I still got thru the WOD and felt no worse for wear at the time. Since then I have felt a little tight in my lower back but it is nothing that a foam roller, a little mobility work and bourbon won't fix. That's in no specific order by the way....

Now if you'll excuse me, we have a benchmark WOD coming up on Monday and I need to find some bling...

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