October 20, 2012

CrossFit takes my breath away

For time
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings
60 Abmat sit-ups
70 Burpees
Time - 16:50

This was seriously the worst 16:50 minutes of my life. I think I saw Jesus a couple of times. No really, I did. Some new guy with a beard came into today and since I don't know his name I just called him Jesus. He should have taken a minute to heal me because that WOD kicked my fanny and I was hurting. See how I used the word fanny? I like to clean the blog up for the savior every once in awhile. Praise the lord....

Ok. Blasphemy aside, this WOD pulled my lungs out and stepped on them. It gets progressively harder as you go and the deeper you get into it, the less you can breath. I was a little nervous going into this one because I haven't done HSPU's or KB's in about a month due to the back injury. Seeing them both in a WOD freaked me out a little. I got thru the handstands pretty quick. I used an Abmat pad and got thru the first 18 unbroken. (Yeah. it surprised me too...) After that I broke them up 5/5/2. I flew thru the pull-ups and was onto the Kettlebells. My plan was to do 25/25. I might as well have planned to do them one handed, unbroken because reality sank in very quickly that this was going to be sets of fives and tens. My lungs hurt so bad at this point I was tugging on my shorts like a fat kid who ate some bad ham. I pushed thru as quick as I could, checked my shorts and moved on to the sit-ups. I wanted to get there quick because I knew it would allow me to catch my breath. This is a strong point for me and I did those unbroken.

Burpee time. I could write a whole blog on this section. I planned to do these in seven sets of ten. I started breaking them into sets of five from the very beginning. My arms, core. legs, and I am pretty sure my soul were all torched at this point. I moved into pure survival mode. I was watching my buddy Joe out of the corner of my eye and while I had started the burpees before him, he had quickly passed me. That made me push harder but truthfully, there was nothing I could do about it. I had nothing left in the tank to move faster. I basically resigned myself to simply finish and was pretty happy to get in under 17 mins. I think the time I spent rolling around on the floor afterward was actually longer than the WOD itself. It's hard to believe we pay for all this "fun"....

The rest of my day is going to involve a hot shower and deciding if I should put my jammies on before or after 1pm....

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