October 10, 2012

I have a ball at CrossFit...

Todays WOD was a doozy.

5 rounds for time:
25 Wall balls
25 Burpees
25 Pull-ups

Yikes. This sucked wall balls. I am still easing myself back into the WODs and only did 3 rounds of this. WODs like this are sneaky hard. You would think after a year and a half I would know better but I looked at the board and said to myself "It's ONLY 125 Burpees. No sweat." Seriously. I must be mental. Round one was fine but after that I was sucking wind. I actually started round 4 and finished the wall balls but once I started the burpees I  knew I needed to stop. I could feel that weird, shaky feeling in my legs and back so I quit for the day. After being out for two weeks I'm not about put myself out of commission over burpees. 

I spent some time afterward working on the mobility stuff Travis showed me yesterday. It really helped. Usually when I finish a big round of Wall balls I feel all "creaky" afterward but I really felt loose. It only took me a year to learn that I need to stretch after a workout. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

My plan for the rest of the week is to go do mobility work tomorrow, lift on Friday, WOD Saturday and then burgers & beer sometime thereafter. Gotta reward myself for a good 1st week back......

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