October 2, 2012

More Yoga, Less CrossFit for now

So I went to see my favorite CrossFitting Chiropractor yesterday. He twisted up one side and down the other and I feel pretty sore but better. On his advice I did some Yoga this morning. I didn't want to go to the Yoga studio up the street so I just did it at home. The studio up the street, Beachwood Yoga, is a really fun place to do Yoga but sometime you just don't want to be sweating side by side with people early in the morning. Doing yoga at 6am is like waking up after a one night stand. It's all morning breath and BO without the hangover and the awkward "What was your name again?" question before you sneak out. No thanks.

Anywho ~ I did Yoga X from the P90X series. For those of you that haven't done P90X, it's a very effective workout regiment but Tony Horton can get on your nerves a bit. Don't get me wrong, the dude knows his stuff and is in unbelievable shape but if you watch him everyday for 90 days you will be ready to give him a scissor kick to the head. With that said, I'm a fan and hope that when I am 102, I am in that kind of shape.

You start this thing with 45 minutes of Vinyasas or sun salutations. My arms and legs were on fire and at one point I was praying for death. I don't know how that dude talks thru the whole thing but somehow he manages. After that its another 40 minutes or so of balance poses and stretches. I know this is good for you but I struggle with the logic of how standing on one foot is good for your health. If it were true, Flamingos should rule the animal kingdom. Thank God no one was around to watch me. I was wobbling around like Lindsey Lohan after a car wreck.

All in all, I survived and feel pretty good. I have now done Yoga twice in the last 3 days and I think I will do it a couple of more times before I jump back into CrossFit. It makes me feel loose and gives me energy to start my day. Plus all that bending and stretching really makes you toot and farts are always funny.


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