October 16, 2012

News Flash: CrossFit makes you sore

So I am a little sore after doing "Cindy" yesterday and by a little sore I mean I can't move my arms above my shoulders. I think I may have overdone it a little yesterday so imagine my joy when I saw the light little WOD that was programmed for us today. Sometimes I think our trainers sit around and think of new and unusual ways to torture us just for kicks....

For time:
1K Row to start
2 rounds of:
25 Burpee box jumps [24/18]
20 Power snatch [95/65]
15 Wall walks
1K row to finish
Time - 28:13

I'll be honest. I hate to row. I mean I REALLY hate it. I hate it like a cat hates water. It really doesn't matter how long I do it, I never seem to get any more efficient at it. The first 1K wasn't so bad because I was trying a new strategy. I read an article a few days ago that mentioned breathing hard early to keep from getting winded. I gave it a try and it seemed to help me pace the row some. I think I was less winded but I sounded like I was blowing a midget.

Once I got into the two rounds of work, sh*t got real. There are two things I know to be universally true in life.
1. Burpees suck
2. Fat people are harder to kidnap.

As I imagined they would be, burpee box jumps are no joke when your arms, chest, & legs are sore from "Cindy". Every single one took an eternity so I just tried to be steady and not take breaks. That worked out fine but it sucked the life out of me early. The snatches that came next however were not so bad. I am STILL at a light weight and lucky for me, no one laughed at the toothpick and two lifesavers I was using for a bar. I was lifting then quickly dropping each one instead of stringing them together so I could protect my back. It did the trick but made it slower than it needed to be. As for the wall walks, I was basically just trying to not fall on my head or drown in the puddle of sweat that was pooling under my face as I did them. I succeeded in both but just barely.

The last 1K row was torturous both for me and for my training partner Marty since I was sooooo far ahead of him. Ok, it was only 20 seconds but he is competitive enough that 20 secs of smack talk from yours truly must seem like a lifetime. All told I felt ok with my effort today and pray that tomorrows WOD has something easier like an AMRAP of cattle prod pokes....

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